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6 people you meet in dorms

One of the best things about travelling is all of the people that you get to meet along the way. And dorms are certainly the place to meet some characters… Here are six classic travellers that you meet in the dorm:

The one who’s always sleeping
Whenever you’re there, at whatever time of the day, this traveller will be in their bed. And absolutely nothing will wake them up. You wonder if they may have gone into a coma, until they mysteriously disappear with all their stuff at 4am one morning.

The one who’s always drunk
Always seeming a little bit worse for wear, this nocturnal traveller can usually be found by the bar. They won’t manage to sample much of the local culture, but they’ll learn a lot about the local beer, and will be able to give you a full rundown of the antics that you missed last night. They probably have a bit of a red nose too, after falling asleep on the beach for seven hours in the middle of the day.


The one who’s stuff is everywhere
Upon arrival, this traveller empties their entire bag to try and find their swimsuit, which they’re sure they put near the top. The beach is calling, so their belongings remain flung across the room, but you can forgive them; it’s a beautiful beach after all. When they leave, there’s usually a wet towel and few pairs of underwear still hanging off the end of their bed; you wonder how they still manage to have the biggest rucksack you’ve ever seen wherever they go.

The one who never stops talking
This one arrives with a big smile and a great story. You take a liking to them, and maybe share a few beers with them in the evening. But after hearing about that time they got food poisoning for the ten trillionth time, and realising that you haven’t yet had a chance to even tell them your name, all you really want to do is crawl into bed. You’ll probably pretend you’re asleep when they try to wake you up asking if you want to join them for a spot of morning exploration.

The one who seems to live there
This traveller has been at the hostel for a month already. You’re not sure if they’re waiting for something to happen, they’re trying to kill time, or they’ve actually just decided to move in. Either way, they know everything about the place, from the best spots to eat to the ones that will probably give you the poos, and they’re pretty useful when you need to find a new toothbrush or the cheapest place to hire a snorkel.

The one who becomes your new travel buddy
This traveller sleeps in the bunk above you, and after a few apologies about rolling over too much during the night, and awkwardly accidentally stealing their water bottle, you decide to share a cab to the bus station. On the short journey, you realise they’re the most hilarious person you’ve ever met, and after both getting on the same bus, you end up sticking together for the rest of your trip.

Who’s the most interesting person you’ve met on your travels? Comment below!


10 thoughts on “6 people you meet in dorms

  1. This is hilarious! I’ve never tried sleeping in a hostel during my travels for one reason alone, I’m a very light sleeper and a faint noise will jolt me up in the middle of the night and I won’t be able go back to sleep. I do think though that I’ve missed out on a lot fun staying in hostels.

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    1. It’s certainly a good way to meet people, but if you’re a light sleeper I can imagine it might be hard to get a good night’s sleep in a dorm! But you can often find private rooms at hostels too, or socialise there even if you’re not staying 🙂


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